I had the pleasure of meeting Laurie Prusso Hatch at a Child Care Resource and Referral (R&R) Conference a few years ago.  I sat in on one of her presentations, and was so impressed with her knowledge and professionalism, but also with her warmth and the kind ways that she approached the care of children.  After her presentation, I was inspired to do my own research on practices that promote children’s social and emotional health.  When it was time to convene a task force to develop new standards for child care provider training in children’s health and safety, I called Laurie and asked her to be on the task force.  She was a wonderful member of our task force, providing us with guidance about the topic of social and emotional development of the young child, and she helped us incorporate these concepts into our training.

Since that first meeting, I have returned to Laurie’s presentations at the R&R Conference each year--and every time, I come away with new, useful, and practical information and newfound respect for her.  She is a joy to work with, and has brought a higher level of understanding regarding children’s development to our program. 

Lucy Chaidez
Child Care Training Coordinator
California Emergency Medical Services Administration


Laurie is a fabulous speaker with timely information for those of us working with children who come from challenging backgrounds. An instructional coach in our preschool program heard her speak at a convention in Palm Springs two years ago. She was very impressed and asked me to look into whether Laurie would come and speak to our staff. Laurie came in January that year and the overwhelming response from staff was to ask her to come again when we could provide her with more time to work with us. We asked her to be our “kick-off speaker” this school year and what a wonderful way to start a new school year! Laurie is personable and fun, but most of all full of information regarding how to work with children with challenging behaviors in a kind and compassionate way that will bring about real change in their behavior and how they see themselves as a person. I can’t say enough about what she has to share. I have heard her three times and each time I have left with a new perspective and more tools to use when working with all children, especially those with challenging behaviors.

Claudia Charter
Program Specialist, PreK Education