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Teachers, administrators, and parents celebrate the ideas and skills taught by Laurie Prusso Hatch MEd., Certified Positive Discipline Trainer, Parent Educator and public speaker extraordinaire.  Learn how to be more respectful in all of your relationships and get better results.  Explore how adults often invite and exacerbate problems and instead of working toward resolution and solutions and learn what to do instead.  Discover many, many tools for more effective and joyful leadership, parenting, and teaching experiences by sponsoring or participating in one of Laurie's popular presentations.

Laurie’s workshops and trainings are focused on building the kinds of relationships that support all children (and other human beings) in reaching their potential and the role of adults in the lives of children.  Her work is important for parents, teachers, administrators and policy makers.

About Laurie Prusso Hatch

Laurie Prusso Hatch is a retired Professor of Child Development.  Her work focuses on emotional and social development in young children and all human beings.  She has specific expertise on working with children with challenging behaviors and the effects of trauma on children and families.  She has provided consulting services to Head Start and State funded programs, Local Planning Councils, First 5, CARES projects, School-Age programs and others around the state and has been a popular presenter at the Positive Discipline Annual Conferences, CAEYC, NAEYC, First 5 and other conferences and retreats. 

 Laurie earned her BA in Human Development and a Masters Degree in Education with an emphasis in Early Childhood from California State University.  She has worked with children, adult learners, and parents in a variety of settings.  In addition, Laurie has been a family childcare provider, and a preschool teacher and director.  She is a Certified Positive Discipline © Trainer and Parent Educator and presents Keynote addresses, workshops and trainings related to discipline, adult relationships, supervision and staff teams, with emotional health and social development in mind.  As a consultant with WestEd, Laurie has worked with the CSEFEL project.  Her work has been published in professional journals including the winter 2010 and 2016 issues of CAEYC Connections and the Back to School issue of Compass E-zine (see below). She has appeared on television and provides teleconferences.

Compass E-zine Back to School issue link

Laurie's first and favorite role is mother.  With 6 grown sons and 17 + grandchildren, Laurie has over two hundred years of experience parenting and teaching.  In her spare time, she writes, plays the guitar and sings when no one is around to hear her.  Recently Laurie remarried and blended two families.  The combined totals are 13 children (including 11 sons) and almost 44 grandchildren.  Yes, she keeps track on an excel spreadsheet and uses google calendar reminders!

What Participants say about Laurie:

I saw Laurie present on Behavior & the Brain in San Jose and she was easily the highlight of the 2-day conference!  She was funny, charming, and very knowledgeable.  I invited her to present for a full day to our PS-8 staff on using Positive Discipline in the classroom and they all wanted more! Her presentation reached the preschool teachers, the middle school specialists, and everyone in between. Thanks to her practical and moving presentation we now effectively use Positive Discipline practices throughout the school. 

I cannot recommend Laurie highly enough!              Damon

Laurie provided our fall pre-service program.  She gave us two days of fun, thought provoking information, opportunities to reflect on our work and look inward, and taught us more in two days than we would have thought possible.  She is a trainer, a teacher, and a mentor. Her dynamic style invites safety for participants to become fully engaged and open.  She is validating and gets to the heart of the participant and the heart of the learning process.  I highly recommend her.       Katie

This was my favorite workshop!  Laurie is great.  She is so knowledgeable and entertaining.  She had us all laughing, yet kept us focused and learning throughout.  Even though her topic is always about treating children and others respectfully, I always learn something new about myself and a few more tools to try with the children.  This is how we can change the world!       CAEYC Attendee


Laurie can be contacted directly through this website or by email at: