Learn how to be more respectful and get better results in your work with children and adults.


Teachers, administrators, and parents celebrate the ideas and skills taught by Laurie Prusso, Certified Positive Discipline Trainer, Parent Educator and public speaker extraordinaire.  

Explore how and why adults often invite and exacerbate problems and instead of working toward resolution and solutions and learn how to change.


When we are upset with children and we haven't yet learned effective responses that are helpful, we may do hurtful things and make things worse.  When adults use power, attempt to relieve our own discomfort and put and end to misbehavior, we disconnect from the real needs of our children.  Each mistake is an opportunity for us to love and teach, to exemplify our own self-control, and to create an environment and relationships that are focused on growth and learning.  We need more people in this world who can recognize and solve problems and more adults willing to help children learn how to do this.